Thursday, July 24, 2008

what a day.

my daughter just walked in here with shane's bike helmet strapped onto her butt. what other odd things has she done today? well, other than the screaming fit she had next to the banana display at safeway (i can't even remember what that was about now - something shane was doing, probably)... yes, that's right, i went to the grocery store today. with my kids. and they're still alive. actually, that was the last of a string of errands i had to run, with all 3 kids. i had been dreading it all day, but knew it had to happen. first, i had to go to the library. i had books on hold there for me and i was unable to renew or place any further holds because my account was frozen. apparently, they do that when you owe more than $10 in fines. i see it kind of like paying a membership fee in order to use their books and movies and stuff. so after paying my fines and checking out my books (without any major tantrums or running away episodes, we got back in the car and headed to target. diapers are cheaper there than anywhere else, and although i also had to go to the grocery store, i refuse to buy diapers there. i also needed deodorant and big bandaids to stick on shane's 'leg' and his disgusting, quarter-sized wound that is the result of excessive scratching. lovely, huh? yes, we've seen the doctor about it and have a prescription ointment, but he's been unable to leave it alone long enough to get it healed. so we got some bandaids that have adhesive all the way around the pad and not just on the ends, so there's no accessibility for him to actually scratch it directly. we'll see if this helps. i'm starting to worry about that freaky, flesh-eating bacteria stuff. so from there we went to costco - but just to buy gas. no one had to get out of the car. well, i did. this isn't oregon. and from there, the most dreaded of our errands, safeway. but layla actually stayed in the cart(i actually originally wrote car, but my 'fantastic' husband found it and corrected it for me so no one would call cps) and actually sat the whole time. shocking! in fact, the only 'incident' was the banana display screaming fit. i quickly abandoned the idea that i should buy some bananas and got out of that area as quickly as possible. as we're heading to the next aisle, shane says to me, 'can we go get a cookie to calm her down?' what? are you kidding? yeah, that wasn't going to happen. i did, however, manage to distract her from her fit by asking her to select which kind of bunny crackers she wanted(yay, annie's naturals!) and that was the end of her unpleasantness. we managed to get through the rest of our shopping trip, even finding a good price on some steaks for dinner. yum! and got some potatoes that layla is super excited about. she loves potatoes. mashed, baked, french fried or chipped, she loves them. we made it through, i didn't have to kill anyone or leave any of my kids at the store, and i didn't feel nauseous by the time we checked out. i even pulled up to a clothing donation bin on the way home and dumped in a bag of clothes that have been floating around my van for like 2 weeks (yes, just weeks, not years). oh, and we managed to bring 2 bags of bags back to the store with us to stick in the recycling thing. and we remembered to bring them into the store and actually put them in the thing! wow. we were productive today!

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