Tuesday, June 17, 2008

top 5 things i wish weren't bad for you

i'm coming up a bit dry this week, so i thought i'd take a little bit different approach.

5. cheesecake! doesn't that just make your mouth water? oh i love cheesecake. it has to be the right kind of cheesecake though. a really good crust is just as important as what's on top of it. and don't go trying to give me any of that lemon or key lime stuff either. mmmm.... cheesecake with berries or cheesecake with chocolate. oh yeah.

4. soda. especially dr. pepper. about 2 years ago i made a sort of decree that we would no longer keep soda in the house, so i don't buy it and it's a very rare occasion that there's soda in my fridge. i will have it when we're eating out or whatever, but i really wish this stuff were the equivalent of drinking water. it's great. darn that stupid high fructose corn syrup! darn it all to heck!

3. weed killer. as i'm pulling out weeds and, at the same time, watching my garden shrivel up, i'm starting to think that my yard is really only good for growing weeds. seriously, if anyone has a shortage of quality weeds, come on over. i can help you out. i'm not just talking about dandilions here. i've got all sorts of killer stuff, including vines and the like that will grow up and around your weeds to further anchor them into the ground and make them look even uglier! if that's possible. it's getting majorly out of hand and i feel myself weakening. round up is starting to look really good about now. that and a goat. anyone have a goat i could borrow? i'll trade you some blackberry bushes and stinging nettles!

2. bologna. i know this is totally disgusting, and it's going to get worse. i love this stuff. when i was little, my grandma used to make me a special sandwich that i love to this day. brace yourself: bologna and margarine on wonder bread. oh yeah! i think the only reason i really liked it so much was because they were all things my mother would never let me eat. now i understand why she wouldn't let me eat them, but i still LOVE this sandwich.

1. margaritas. need i say more?

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  1. I can arrange for you to have a goat. Just meet me at the corner of hwy 9 & 84th St in Lake Stevens, we'll make it happen!



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