Sunday, June 8, 2008

the coolest thing ever!

i am so excited!!! i am now the proud owner of the coolest vacuum cleaner ever!!!!

seriously, i can't believe i actually own this thing! it's the iRobot Roomba 550 vacuum cleaning robot. you put it in the room you want to vacuum, turn it on and it vacuums the room for you. it gets corners and under furniture and everything. you don't have to do anything! it has these little lighthouses that come with it that act as virtual walls so you can block off a doorway or whatever if you don't want it to go in an area. it will do carpets and hard floors and will go back and forth between the two and adjust automatically. it's so stinkin' cool! it will shut itself off when it's done in a room, or if it's cleaning in the room where it's charger is, it will just go to it and dock on the charger when it's done cleaning. you can set it to vacuum on a certain schedule, up to 7 times a week.... so it could potentially clean all your floors for you every day while you're at work. holy cow! this thing is cool! and it really sucks! (which is a good thing when talking about a vacuum cleaner). i told dave last night that i feel like futuristic royalty or something with this. if someone had told me when i was a kid that someday i would have a robot that vacuumed for me, i would have assumed that i would also have a flying car or something! and it wasn't that expensive either! i got it at costco for $229. seriously! that's a decent price for a good vacuum, and i don't have to push it! they've also got one that will wash your hard floors for you. wow, do i ever want that one! but costco doesn't have it and if you buy it from the company, it's like $5oo. someday...


  1. We have a Roomba too... it's great! You might want to buy a backup battery for it... ours pooped out after about a year of use and we just had to order a new one. But seriously... how cool is it that you can go to bed and have your house vacuumed at the same time???

  2. I am jealous, my sister got one a while ago for her wood floors. Me, I don't even own a vacuum at the moment. Good thing I have laminate floors!



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