Thursday, July 11, 2013

“rumbling”er farms: 2013 edition

we have this local ‘farm’ that is actually more country store/amusement park than it is farm. they do have u-pick berries seasonally, and a pumpkin patch/corn maze thing in the fall, but my kids have always liked to go for the rides. it’s definitely aimed at the preschool-lower elementary crowd. it’s actually called remlinger farms, but shane started calling it “rumbling” farms when he was little. layla subsequently adopted it as well, so we have always just called it “rumbling”. now, apparently, she’s picked up on the “er” part at the end, and added that. I’ll be sad when everyone actually calls it the right name. we probably will have outgrown it by then.

Sad smile

a groupon came out in june for 2 for 1 tickets, and it got put on the MOMS Club calendar, so we made plans to go on monday. layla and micah had a blast.

pony rides:020022025

these are actually lined up in front of a stagecoach the kids can climb into.032

on the train that takes you through the whole park.038

the canoe ride.040

the swing carousel.049051

roller coaster.054

selfie on the flying pumpkin ride.056

across the ride. micah rode with his friend.058

at the pedal go-karts. layla was SUPER excited that she was finally big enough for this ride.064

of course, they were not being very particular about the size of the kids they were letting on, and micah got to ride, too. the size requirement is to make sure you can reach the pedals to navigate the course. he got stuck at one point and had to be pushed.065066

there’s an old school bus and and old fire truck the kids can play in.068

they have animals there too. this mom and pop peacock had 3 babies!!! I have never seen peacock babies before and they were adorable. I want one.070

the antique cars.074080

the petting farm.081084090

back on the train w/ donkeys in the background.096

more pony rides.106107

and one last turn on the roller coaster. micah had really wanted to ride in the front car. he was ecstatic.109

it was not very crowded, so the lines were all but nonexistent. the kids could pretty much ride as many times as they wanted. the weather was awesome and we had a great time with our friends. we stayed until the park closed, and then went in to the country store for ice cream cones.

it’s kind of expensive, so we usually only make it once a year, if that. but the kids are already planning their next trip.

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