Friday, April 4, 2008

more fun from layla

she seriously has the best imagination! just now i'm in the living room and she comes running over and says she's scared (or actually, 'scary' as she calls it) of the lion. i say, 'what lion?' and she says, 'the lion by the door.' so i'm like, 'wow, there's a lion by the door!' and she says that we should not let it in. well, duh! so then she proceeds to start talking about a goat, which by the way, is also by the door and i'm thinking, well if there's a goat and a lion by the door, wouldn't the lion pretty much take care of the goat? but anyway after i express my surprise about the goat being by the door, she says there's elephants there too. wow. and i say that we shouldn't let them in and she wants to know why. well, they would make a mess, right? they'd knock stuff over, and besides, they probably wouldn't fit through the door. and letting the lion in would be a really bad idea. 'why?' well, he might eat us. 'why?' well, what if he's hungry? 'oh, i'll just give him some cereal.' so apparently, lions like to eat cereal. so i say, 'if we let him in and you give him some cereal, then everything will be okay?' she says yes, and that after he eats his cereal, he's going to help her take out the trash cans. WHAT? where did that come from? not only that, one of the elephants is going to help too. the elephant will take out the blue can (recycling) and the lion is going to take out the green one (garbage), which leaves layla with the big, gray yard waste can. good luck with that! i don't know where she comes up with this stuff. sometimes i think she's eaten some funky mushrooms or something. she's always seeing cats out the window that aren't there. or maybe they are. sometimes i think there's stuff in the world that only kids can see. adults can't see it, because we don't believe we can. like fairies... lots of kids can see fairies. but seriously, life must be so much for fun for layla. i'm glad she shares this stuff with me. it reminds me not to be too boring and grown up all the time.

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