Monday, July 21, 2014

project life 2014: week 29

monday: the littles and I met a friend and her littles at a local park/splashpad. micah and his betrothed had a blast chasing each other around. 368
also monday: layla, not super interested in the splashpad, wanted to bring her new rollerblades. I wasn’t sure what the setup would be at the park, or if it would be crazy busy or not, but I allowed her to. turns out, it was PERFECT for rollerblading. there was a huge grassy area with a paved path going all the way around it. I could see her the whole way, there were just enough slopes to make it interesting, but not so much to make it scary, and there were not a ton of people using the path. 366
tuesday: just because I keep peeking into his room in the morning while he’s still sleeping and looking so cute.369
wednesday: joint injection day for layla (and doggie). just before going under for the proceedure.IMAG0069
thursday: flowers from aunt mary and uncle joe really cheered her up since she was having to lay low and not be super active on her ankle. 382
friday: micah broke his bed in spectacular fashion. NOT awesome.004
saturday: dave got his company’s tickets for the sounders game, so he took shane and layla, plus nolan who was in town visiting.005
and a couple of skinnies:
micah (aka eddie munster) “did his hair”…  and layla, enjoying some jello (till the one day when the lady met this jello… sorry, family joke.)
371  381 

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