Monday, June 24, 2013

cali trip: day 5

monday was santa cruz day. the kids and I had never been there, so dave was our tour guide.

first stop was mt. cross, the camp where dave spent many a summer, either as a camper or as a counselor.137

we had a picnic lunch to start.121

then headed out on a little tour of the cabins and all that, followed by a hike.IMAG0270

we were on the lookout for banana slugs. we were not disappointed.122IMAG0274

after that hike, we took another short one to “big tree”. when we found it, we knew that that was it. it was BIG. like, crazy big.133

that’s us IN the tree.130136

after we left mt. cross, we went in to santa cruz and searched for a skate shop. shane was planning to buy himself a long board. we had planned to buy it for him as his birthday present. he picked it out and was quite pleased with his gift.141

then we headed toward the beach.142

not exactly good beach weather. it was cold and drizzly. IMAG0282

showing that I’ve come to terms with my life-long fear of kelp. this was instilled in me very early on during summers at the beach at auntie’s house in sequim.IMAG0283

layla looked for shells.145157

micah chased seagulls.148

after the beach, we were all hungry, so we headed further into town to have dinner at pizza my heart.

we all got a slice  and a t-shirt (except micah, who doesn’t like pizza). seriously, it was the best pizza I’ve ever eaten. SO good.160161163

micah had sprite. @@162

this guy caught us taking his picture as he was tossing the dough, so he gave us a chunk to try it out.168

we were not very successful. but it was fun.170175178179181184189191

then we wandered down the street, poking into shops, and found a place to get ice cream and espresso in a fun little candy shop. 192IMAG0290IMAG0291IMAG0294

we were headed out of town along the beach and noticed some evening surfers, so we stopped to watch them catch a few waves.IMAG0296IMAG0297IMAG0300

I was ready to move there. what an awesome, funky town.

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