Sunday, June 23, 2013

cali trip: day 4

sunday morning. everyone was getting ready for church… 099

vbs kids singing. micah was not interested in joining them.100

after church, we all went to lunch at happy garden and stuffed ourselves silly on delicious chinese food. layla was introduced to egg drop soup, which she thought was delicious.1049253_10152993960545607_1069337635_o

while the adults were getting everything settled up, dave took the kids outside.IMAG0241IMAG0245

back at the house, we had a few early birthday presents to take care of. IMAG0253

layla was excited to have another outfit for julie – especially since lily has the same one for susan.103

and her very own project life mini kit and album.IMAG0259

and we owed this gift to matthew from last year.965272_10152993961780607_1792737989_o

his very own name stool, just like his siblings.109

when we asked him if he knew what it said, he pointed to the letters and said, “I love matthew!” it was adorable.1040703_10152993962610607_1279099372_o

cousins and their dolls in their matchy matchy outfits (and hairdos).117

joe and mary were getting packed and ready to leave. nolan brought over his long board for shane to try out. they had fun cramming all 3 of them on it and riding up and down the street.120

and then it was time to say good bye. Sad smile

layla with her godparents.1047928_10152993968615607_35917741_o

hannah with her godparents.1052722_10152993967735607_1542712212_o

and the cousins all lined up. 1040122_10152993963590607_57977573_o

the rest of the day was quite depressing. layla was devastated that lily was gone. micah was in denial. he had tried to refuse to say good bye because he didn’t want them to leave.

layla and gramma handled their depression by watching annie together. I fell asleep on the couch for 3 hours.

later that night, dave and I went out for drinks and munchies with nolan after the kids went to bed.

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