Saturday, June 29, 2013

cali trip: day 10

it was another scorcher! 279

the day started with laurie’s famous french toast (cut in squares, of course).283

then we (everyone except papa, who was coming down with a cold) headed out to the theater to see monsters university. everyone loved it.

after the movie, gramma laurie to shane shopping at kohl’s for his birthday present.

back at home, gramma jackie let layla pick through some of her seashells, after her tiny prized sand dollar had gotten broken the night before.285

even julie was ready for the hot day.287

a minor mishap when the hot water tap broke. dave and gary tried to fix it, with no success.289

I did my best to get all of our stuff packed up and ready to leave the next morning. then it was back in the pool, where we spent the rest of the afternoon. IMAG0396

how micah ‘dries off’.291

one last in-n-out burger for dinner. I like my double-double protein style with grilled onions, added pickles, and no sauce. yum. best burger ever.292

then layla got to open her birthday present from gramma and papa. she got the flamingo outfit she’d seen at costco (that happens to almost match the outfit she got from aunt mary and uncle joe for julie) and a cute pair of sandals.300

then we all lazed around and watched the jungle book before it was time for last stories, snuggles, and good nights.304

our last night of tent trailer accommodations.307

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