Saturday, January 24, 2009

can someone please explain to me…

… how THIS qualifies as a dress:

_5644528 ????????

i mean, i realize that it’s probably a sure sign of getting older when you go shopping and statements like that go through your head, but really?  why would somebody wear that?  what’s with the band around the bottom?  i find the thickness of that band kind of comical, but most of them look like this:

_5685029 what the heck?

it’s grotesquely reminiscent of 5th grade when the big thing was super long sweatshirts worn with stirrup pants.  because that sort of thing is just so flattering to someone’s body shape.  apparently the pear-with-chicken-legs image is all the rage this year.  who looks good in this?  skinny people? no.  fat people? no. who???  even the models in the pictures look ridiculous!

this is what i encountered when i went shopping for a dress last night.  it’s funny to see how trends change.  i’m not claiming that everyone had the best taste when i was in high school… fortunately, none of those pictures are digital, so i can’t put them up for scrutiny.  but short dresses are definitely the in thing now, as opposed to a couple years ago when everything was very LONG.  that era was actually pretty nice.  people looked very elegant in those long, simple dresses.  now we get stuff like this:


yeah.  i had a good time last night. 

i took about 15 dresses into the dressing room – none of them looked like THAT – although a couple did have me laughing outright once i put them on. 

i was amused (but impressed as well) by the fact that so many of the dresses come with the boobs already in them!  it’s great for people like me who don’t come with our own.

also, i learned that, if you’re having trouble getting it ON, by all means, STOP!!!  trust me, it’s even harder to get it off.  apparently zippers are not IN this year.

so i did successfully get a dress.  i don’t think i look ridiculous in it and i’m pretty sure i’ll be able to get in and out of it with relative ease.  i also got a FABULOUS satin trench coat that i’m super excited about!

i’ll do my best to try and get some pictures of us tonight.  oh, and i found out there’s a 3 free-drink limit this year.  up from last year’s 2.  that should be amusing!  i might not make it though dinner!


  1. Dying to see YOUR dress and have a super great night tonight!!

  2. Oh I am SO with you on those stupid looking dresses! My teenage cousin wore one similar to the top one this summer, and although she has the perfect little 16 year old shape the dress made her look pear shaped and just ODD...I agree, flashback to oversized sweatshirts and stirrup pants (all that is missing is leg warmers and the fantastic side pony tail!)

    Have fun at the party tonight and I also can't wait to see pictures!

  3. I actually saw a girl (very pretty) at the grocery store today wearing one of those ridiculous dresses and *sheer* *stirrup* *pants*.

    Why is this coming back? It's not flattering on anyone!

    So where are the pictures of you and your fabulous gown?



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