Friday, June 21, 2013

cali trip: day 2

we were off to san francisco for the day, but first, we had a little surprise for layla. we decided to give her her birthday present early this year, because of was. she’s been reading the ‘american girl’ books, and has intermittently been asking for a doll. her favorite from the books has been julie, who is from 1974 and lives in san francisco. lily and hannah have dolls, and we knew they would all have fun playing with them together.

as expected, she was VERY excited!051055

driving to sf means lots of bridges. NOT my favorite. 058060

we had the girls in our car and joe and mary had all the boys. 062

view of the city.064

lunch at pier 39. 1052891_10152993946700607_292880494_o977292_10152993946895607_1871647512_o1008543_10152993945820607_1929741274_o

started our walk around.065

us with alcatrez in the background.1053140_10152993949420607_1585668125_o

the other dapelos with alcatrez.1053423_10152993948850607_722217018_o

kids watching the sea lions. they were barking and they thought it was hilarious.1040861_10152993950155607_1682723908_o979908_10152993951920607_619781404_o1048981_10152993952175607_790050953_o068

believe it or not, this kid is from seattle…067

trying to get them to pose for this pic was an exercise in futility.071

the kids rode the carousel, but micah and jacob were very disappointed that there were no more ‘animals’ to ride and they had to sit on a bench. the lady working the gate saw this and let them ride again for free, even escorting them to the animal of their choice and helping them on. SO nice!0741048032_10152993955040607_1859589076_o

the musical stairs. they ran up and down these for about 15 minutes straight.077

off to see the golden gate bridge.0811025470_10152993957055607_2081059535_o1052468_10152993956570607_487035893_o965282_10152993957530607_393484006_o0821048327_10152993958615607_1232117427_o

after that, we had to head back through the city to get to oakland to pick up nana. what a mess! the traffic was horrible. it was rush hour, and there was a giants game about to start. it took us 20 minutes to get through one intersection. after we FINALLY got there, we all needed dinner, so we had our first stop at in-n-out of the trip. yummy!!!!089

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