Friday, September 7, 2012

painting layla’s room

after getting micah’s room painted on saturday, we took a break on sunday (that’s a whole different post) and then spent monday painting layla’s. hers was a little more complicated, just because she has more stuff that had to be taped off. the built in desk, two windows, and then there was the 1 wall that was a different color than the others. but we got it all done. we gave the green wall 2 coats, just to make sure it would match the rest of the walls and no green would show through.128129

it’s pink. VERY pink.130133IMG_20120903_163734

subliminal messages for layla…IMG_20120903_200326

finished, bed put in and made up, décor item #1 hung.028

she’s SO excited about her ‘rock star’ bedroom.001015011013

unfortunately, her decals don’t seem to want to be sticking. there are several that have already fallen off. I don’t think there’s enough surface area to handle the texture of the walls. good ideas to keep them on without ruining the paint?017

layla’s bedding/décor is target’s circo “star power” collection. the ‘princess’ coat hooks came from hobby lobby, and the paint is martha stewart “hollyhock pink”.

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