Tuesday, September 4, 2012

first day of school!

so, here we are again! another first day of school. 7th grade for shane, 2nd grade for layla. this is also shane’s first year of junior high!026

shane was first… we didn’t even get into the drop-off circle before shane was out of the car. “close enough, see ya.” yup. that was our emotional good-bye. and then he was gone…029

today was just for the 7th graders at the junior high. they didn’t need their backpacks or a lunch or anything. I think they’re just partying today… under the guise of getting adjusted to the new school and routine. haha. they’re getting their schedules today, finally! I’m interested to see what he’s got when.

and then we headed over to layla’s school where we sat in the parking lot reading for 45 minutes. that will be our routine, unless we need groceries or something. we’re reading the second mrs. piggle-wiggle book right now, so we were well entertained.

by the time it was time to actually GO to school, layla was feeling very shy and nervous. she said she had butterflies in her stomach. I’m sure she did just fine, once she got into the swing of things.032

when it was time to leave, micah was sad. “but I don’t want to weave waywa here!” she gave him a big hug before we left. then we got to go shmooze at the pta tables and micah got some muffins and I signed up for probably too much stuff…033

I have to leave in a minute to go pick up kid #1, and then we’re going to hit up PCC for some GF cookies they have that I LOVE, because I promised layla we’d have a proper back to school tea party when she got home, and we can use the fancy china teacups. what’s tea without cookies?

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