Tuesday, November 1, 2011

official halloween photos

the ‘official’ one:008 (2)banana; wonderwoman; mario.

the ‘silly’ one:011 (2) banana vs. cat:006 (2) 

even though shane stayed home from school, he wanted to come over to grandma and grandpa’s with us for dinner and trick or treating. I wasn’t sure if we should let him go trick or treating, but he said he felt okay, and I felt bad making him stay home. it might be his last year!

it was fun. no rain. lots of fun decorations and costumes. everyone thought the banana was cool! everywhere we went, we heard people shouting “BANANA!!” wonder woman must have been in her invisible jet because she was FLYING around the neighborhood. we kept having to make her slow down and wait for her brothers.

we also found it humorous when shane was walking behind micah, it was like mariokart! mario had his banana behind him, protecting him from flying shells! well, okay, it’s kinda  dumb, but dave and I had a good chuckle over it.

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