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if you’re just tuning in from a year ago, you probably have no idea why this is significant. they win all the time, right?

well, they used to. and then the team, more or less, disbanded. we retained 7 players and dave as coach. we lost our head coach, along with 2/3 of the team to select soccer or other sports…

so we have a ‘new’ conglomerate team, made up from a lot of the remnants of other teams, also in that situation. the only reason this is bad is because the level they are slotted to play at is based on their previous year’s record.

well, last year, we were undefeated in the regular season, and came in 3rd in state…

and so, thus far this year, we have been the opposite of undefeated…

but no more!!! there is 1 game left in the season and the boys no longer have to sport a goose egg in their record! HalloweenHollansoccer_029HalloweenHollansoccer_102HalloweenHollansoccer_116

I hear there are several ‘celebratory’ photos of the team after the game. I wasn’t actually able to be there, as we were practicing ‘divide and conquer’ parenting today, and I was at a birthday party with layla. hopefully someone will post one of those so I can swipe it and add it here.

so, we had a celebratory dinner out at red robin – the champ’s choice (whole heartedly supported by his siblings). 050yes, this is the best picture I could get of him. I kept trying to get him to smile and he wouldn’t, but I managed to get him laughing about the fact that he wouldn’t smile. hey, you take what you can get.

he really was VERY happy about the win. when I pulled into the parking lot, he walked up to the car, TRYING to look cool and nonchalant, but was totally unsuccessful because he could not seem to put away the HUGE goofy grin he was sporting. this win has been a long time coming and I’m SO happy for them, and for dave, as their coach!

I do need to report on the actual dining experience though. the last several times we’ve eaten at red robin, I’ve been really disappointed in the food. just kind of ‘eh’. at any rate, I had my first experience of ordering my burger ‘bunless’ tonight. honestly, it was awesome! I had a bacon cheeseburger w/ all the fixings, but no bun and no condiments. it was a little messy near the end, but I’ve eaten plenty of burgers WITH buns that were just as messy. it came wrapped in lettuce, so I had something to hold onto that wasn’t slimy, which is good because I would have had a hard time eating it with a fork and knife, out of a paper-lined basket. I really, honestly didn’t miss the bun AT ALL, in fact I was loving the fact that I was able to eat all of my burger without feeling crazy bloated-full. I feel better about having ingested real nutrients from the meat, cheese, and veggies ON the burger, rather than filling up half-way through because of a bunch of white bread that provides very little for me. the other thing is that red robin now has sweet potato fries! they’re skinny, like shoestring fries, and SO good! yeah, I’m pretty sure they’re fried and not baked, and the oil is probably not the best choice out there, but hey, they’re sweet potatoes, and they were good!

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