Friday, October 21, 2011

physical therapy

layla had her second PT appointment this week, with a little more involved in it, than just gathering info, measurements, observations, etc.

she started out by having her calves and feet thoroughly massaged. while she was having that done the PT asked her to help draw some pictures for the front of a thank you card that they were making for “a professional baseball player named tim, who was donating a signed jersey to the clinic.” you can bet that caught my attention. yes, of course, that’s tim lincecum! one of the pictures she drew was a baseball with “go giants” written below! she was very excited! 005

after that, we played some connect 4. yup. she and I played connect 4. I got to sit in a chair and sip my latte, but layla had it a little rougher. she had to kneel on 1 leg with all of her pieces on the floor next to her. she had to get her piece off the floor, raise herself up to standing, and balance on one foot while making her move. after that she had to do it with an extra cushion under her to make it even harder. it was quite amusing. but she did a great job.008

and then there was the obstacle course. lots of balancing and stepping on and over and such. (all with flat feet, of course.) her PT is great and layla had a lot of fun doing it.009010

and a little video I shot to see her in action:

PT obstacle course

next week, I guess she gets to try out some orthotics to see how those feel. when her feet are flat, she pronates some, as do I, so these might help with that, and also encourage heel-down walking.

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