Thursday, January 29, 2009

cpl party, finally

last saturday was dave’s company party, and as promised, here are some pictures. there aren’t a whole lot that really show my non-ridiculous dress, and none that show my fabulously, uncomfortably cute red shoes, but this is what i’ve got.

see my cute red bag? my shoes matched it.

that’s me w/ my back to the camera… white sash. it was a "blues brother’s" theme… notice all the hats and the band. made for very fun dancing music!

mr. ‘white man’s overbite’, himself.

more dancing. really, i did dance with my husband, just not when anyone was taking a picture.

okay, dave just sent me a new one that someone else took. we’re actually dancing together, AND, you can see my shoes… disregard the totally goofy look on my face.

sorry that the pictures and captions are a little funky. i usually use live writers to do posts w/ pictures in them but for some reason, it wouldn't publish to blogger right now, so i had to redo the post and the pictures never line up right. oh well, you get the general idea.


  1. Looks like the three free drinks were kicking in! Cute dress, fabulous shoes.

  2. Change the dress and the guests, and that is totally a scene from my wedding!



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