Monday, June 26, 2017

2017–week 25

sunday: happy father’s day to my 2 favorite dads.022023

we even got him lemon meringue pie.


tuesday: empty peanut butter jar = happy dog.001

thursday:. apparently we are challenging grandpa at arm wrestling (and winning?), while also wearing our napkins like wild west bandits…007

friday: dad got donuts for the last day of school!014

also friday: FINALLY! last day of school!!!2017-11-1422

also also friday: starting the summer off with an outdoor movie!020

saturday: my dad got bonez a husky shirt!021

and the extras.2017-11-1423

Monday, June 19, 2017

2107–week 24

sunday: another week, another bubble soccer party with a bunch of boys. i convinced layla to play (after a traumatic experience a year ago) by organizing a “girls only” game. we got all the moms and sisters to play. 2017-11-1426

wednesday: first time i’ve ever spotted a deer in our neighborhood!004

thursday: so this happened… after a long wait to finally get the settlement from the insurance (after shane totaled his truck by driving it into a ditch), we found him a vehicle that fit our parameters. AWD, less than 100k, not european, and not fast.007friday: micah has been asking about the wooden trains for awhile now. I had stashed them in the attic a long time ago. so i got them out for him. he happily played with them for a couple of days and then packed them all back up again and i put them back in the attic.2017-11-1424

friday: how layla eats her blizzard leftovers, fresh out of the freezer.  012

saturday: micah had saved some money that he was itching to spend on a new lego set.014

also saturday: layla came up with this as her overly-ambitious summer reading list. and a vow that she would stay out of the library, since these are all books we own.015

Sunday, June 11, 2017

2017–week 23

well, apparently this was the busiest week EVER, and i have no less than 4,000 pictures to deal with. i have no idea how all of these will go in the book, but i will deal with that later.

sunday: cross over ceremony for the cub scouts! micah, and the rest of his den, made rank and earned their bear badges. 033034last time as a bear and first time as a webelo. this is tripping me out a little. i swear they were just tigers. how are these kids old enough to be webelos already????

031 035

also sunday: oh, that’s just a picture someone snapped of my husband starring in his own motivational poster… especially great is the little girl who appears to be about to cry. *note: don’t play dodge ball with dave.


monday: shane and toby, enjoying some outside (being a real cat) time.

and, i accidentally took this awesome picture of the bee.

038 039

also monday: shane teaching my dad to use his new mower. 041also also monday: this is just the way things are around here sometimes… dogs.045

tuesday: end of season baseball party for micah and the angels.050054

wednesday: new goal in life: to be as happy as a cat in a sun puddle.056

also wednesday: i suggested bathing suits. they insisted they were having a contest to see who could NOT get wet… yeah, that ended about exactly how i expected it to.060

thursday: poor micah needed a filling.061

also thursday: that time shane was kidnapped by 4 girls with his hands zip tied together and a bag over his head… #seniorkidnapping063

friday: elementary school carnival! i think layla holds the record for getting though this inflatable the fastest, but micah still wanted to race her. we need to work on not gloating with her…070

saturday: a tough end to the season for the angels. 075

also saturday: lynne and jim visiting means a craft project with the kids!077

Sunday, June 4, 2017

2017–week 22

sunday: more sanding. my skin was turning green.


also sunday: filed under: life right now.


monday: memorial day weekend concludes with more sanding… this was the slowest process ever.018

tuesday: new bottle!!!


also tuesday: after dropping layla at gymnastics and before he had to be at baseball practice, we made a quick costco run. micah was an awesome helper. i pushed the cart and told him what i wanted. he loaded it all, and put it on the conveyer at checkout. then he helped me load the car. 020

wednesday: most (not all, as i learned at on a subsequent trip) of my things out of my classroom. it’s for real that i’m not going back in the fall. now, what to do with this stuff?021

thursday: our family’s first orthodontist appointment! micah was pretty stoked that there was a wii in the waiting room. and he could see it though the door of the room we were in. verdict: no braces needed yet. but very likely later.2017-07-088

saturday: finally starting the staining, now that it’s all sanded… dave had a captive audience.2017-07-087

also saturday: handed out my first orange ticket. pretty stoked about this. 030


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