Sunday, May 7, 2017

2017–week 18

sunday: quite frequently, our house is grand central station for micah’s friends. these are just a few of them, all playing tennis or bowling or something on the wii.038

also sunday: anxiously waiting for shane to get home from his trip to san diego… i guess utah is a little closer.001

monday: layla’s gymnastics awards banquet. she won most improved on her team.


tuesday: the girl’s tennis shoes were falling apart. and she hated them because they were pink. these are the replacements and i’m SO JEALOUS!! i majorly want a pair of these.004

saturday: baseball field day and team pictures! this would be the silly one.010

speed pitch and dunking the coach in the dunk tank were just a few of the events. 2017-05-07

also saturday: keeping an eye on our neighbor’s dog this weekend. bonez helped. i decided to try a tandem walk, which worked out surprisingly well, considering how spastic they both are when they see each other.2017-05-071

and that’s our week!

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