Sunday, May 28, 2017

2017–week 21

sunday: rumors fly quickly through the neighborhood. people kept showing up. at one point the doorbell rang and the kid on the porch said, “we heard there’s a slip & slide.”056

monday: memory books DONE.002

tuesday: tragedy!!! my bottle dropped out of its handle in the parking lot and shattered!003

also tuesday: final band concert of the year.004006

thursday: promotion ceremony for shane.009

friday: first trip to echo lake of the summer.011

also friday: new bar pit at the gym.012

saturday: they both needed a break from sanding all the green paint off the deck boards.015

Sunday, May 21, 2017

2017–week 20

sunday: mother’s day! dave made ribs for dinner, i got new shoes and a cute new apron, layla did the dishes, and….2017-07-082

all the kids wanted to help me get the pictures ready for memory books. 008

monday: huge crowd at the bus stop this morning!010

also monday: raining cats and dogs all afternoon, but they didn’t call the game until we got there. there were puddles and waterfowl using the field. 013

also monday: plugging away, slowly but surely on the memory books.


wednesday: micah built himself a shoe shelf out of wood blocks.032

friday: playing second base.045

saturday: happy girl/happy dog. happy girl/happy cat.2017-07-083

Sunday, May 14, 2017

2017–week 19

sunday: layla, micah, and dave got to go with my dad to a game in the All Star Club! micah was sad all day that the mariners didn’t win. but at least this year’s game didn’t end with vomit at 11:30pm.003

wednesday: a little extra time before i needed to leave for work and a forecast with no rain was the perfect opportunity for me to throw my daily load on the line.030

also wednesday: i told micah he needed to go outside and do something active in the fresh air instead of playing video games all afternoon… he decided the best thing to do would be to get the biggest shovel he could find and dig a hole in the middle of the yard.034

thursday: we have had this hairy menace for 3 years!! and he’s turned out to be a pretty good dog. 036

also thursday: micah’s game ended in exciting fashion when a HUGE streak of lightning hit not far away, thunder, downpour, and finally hail! 039

friday: this week we are adding a second injection to layla’s meds. hoping enbrel is magical.046

saturday: this is where i’ll be for the foreseeable future. preschool memory book time. and toby wants to help.006

and some random moments with micah this week…2017-07-08

Sunday, May 7, 2017

2017–week 18

sunday: quite frequently, our house is grand central station for micah’s friends. these are just a few of them, all playing tennis or bowling or something on the wii.038

also sunday: anxiously waiting for shane to get home from his trip to san diego… i guess utah is a little closer.001

monday: layla’s gymnastics awards banquet. she won most improved on her team.


tuesday: the girl’s tennis shoes were falling apart. and she hated them because they were pink. these are the replacements and i’m SO JEALOUS!! i majorly want a pair of these.004

saturday: baseball field day and team pictures! this would be the silly one.010

speed pitch and dunking the coach in the dunk tank were just a few of the events. 2017-05-07

also saturday: keeping an eye on our neighbor’s dog this weekend. bonez helped. i decided to try a tandem walk, which worked out surprisingly well, considering how spastic they both are when they see each other.2017-05-071

and that’s our week!


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