Sunday, April 23, 2017

2017–week 16

sunday: easter! we actually remembered to take a family picture!IMG_20170416_114949

after church, we came home, put the ham in the oven, gathered some wood from the clearing for the fire, played some corn hole, drank mimosas and hung clothes on the line for the first time this year! it was a totally gorgeous day. very unusual for easter in western washington! 024 025029032

layla helped get the apples ready for applesauce, and she and micah took turns hiding eggs for each other and for grandpa. they thought it was hilarious that they hid one egg in a pair of micah’s underwear that was hung up to dry. then we got the back porch all cleaned up so we could eat outside!033 034

this was definitely a first. we’ve never had an easter warm enough to eat dinner outside.035

as usual, micah pouted about the food.036

then we invited bailey and her family over for a fire. the wood was a little damp and stubborn to get going. dave was determined to try all sorts of crazy ways to get it going. he and shane took turns blowing through a broken broom handle to try and fan the flames without burning their faces. then they tried taping the hose of a bike pump to it to pump air in. neither worked particularly well and i went across the street to get a pallet from eric. sure way to get a roaring fire!

038039040 041

monday: bonus day of spring break for me. the kids went back to school and i scurried around trying to get all the rest of my to-do list done. didn’t quite make it, but it wasn’t totally pathetic either.001

wednesday: we are so sad that this is the LAST elephant and piggie book!!!002

thursday: layla decided she wanted to bust out the electric marshmallow roaster grandpa gave us last year and make herself a s’more after dinner… it actually worked decently!005

friday: walking the dog on the warmest day so far this year! after this, she grabbed a book and went and read on “the rock”. 019

also friday: getting warmed up for a late starting baseball game. start time 7:30pm. it didn’t end until after 10. crazy late.022

saturday: another baseball game. we had amy’s boys with us, so they tagged along, and made friends with my dad at the game. 021

also saturday: i really, REALLY did not have any motivation for cooking dinner. and so, instant oatmeal for all!020

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