Sunday, April 2, 2017

2017–week 13

i’m a little short on pictures this week. usually, that is a result of having taken many pictures of my kids at work…

at any rate, sunday: micah has been all excited about making this “nuts and bolts” chess set that he saw instructions for in his boys life magazine. we went to lowes and got all the parts for both the pieces and the board. half of the hardware is being soaked in vinegar to change it’s color. the board is still to come. 012

tuesday: it is shane’s job to clean the cat box. he is supposed to take it to the can, daily. i love finding treats like this in the laundry room when i want to sit down and put my shoes on… 042

wednesday: tumbling mats are apparently quite useful, even when one is not tumbling… homework forts.043

thursday: this carrot cracked me up. it just looks like one of those inflatable dancing dudes they always have out in front of used car dealerships. i think this guy missed his calling.045

friday: first baseball game that hasn’t been rained out! the angels played very well, but came up 1 short.049

saturday: i’ve been looking for the perfect chairs for the front porch, but can’t find anything that i like that isn’t super expensive. so i decided to sand and paint our old dining room chairs! totally digging this paint sprayer i borrowed from a friend.050

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