Thursday, March 2, 2017

attempts and frustrations

happy, happy news! my genius IT hero husband sorted it all out for me, found a new venue from which to write my posts that interfaces properly with blogger after some tweaking. I am back in business!!!
***end edit***

i'm going to attempt to get back to doing weekly posts, like I always used to. i'm still trying to find a good posting option, though. windows live writer, which I always used to use for all my posts (and loved), apparently no longer exists. posting directly within blogger is fine, so long as you have no pictures. add a picture and you will be hating life with the fire of many suns. this is my situation right now. and until someone gets off their butt and makes an update for the app, it is useless to me, as it just crashes every time you use it. SO, I will attempt to post, but no promises, since I nearly threw my computer out the window attempting to create the post I just published from last week.

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