Sunday, March 26, 2017

2017–week 12

sunday: pinewood derby day! Dave and his committee pulled off a great event. micah’s car turned out not to be very fast, but he did win the “best hot rod” award that the scouts vote on. that was the one he was going for, so he was happy with that. layla and dave both made cars for the charity race. layla’s was meant to be a bobsled. 2017-04-084

at the community center, a gal from interstate batteries had one of their race cars there for the boys to have their picture take in. 036

and then there was the after party. we didn’t mean to have a party. it just sort of happened. the weather was super nice, and it all started with eric and martin showing up to help dave unload stuff, which he was already done unloading. except they brought beer. and then andrea came, and martin called his wife, so they came, and then layla went and got her friend and her friend’s brothers and parents from down the street (also scouts), we had a few more including my dad show up and it was a party! it was definitely not warm, so a fire was in order, and eric decided we needed it to be a BIG one, so he brought over a wheelbarrow full of pallets!2017-04-085

tuesday: shane, sitting in a camp chair for some reason, was helping micah with his times tables.048

friday: last practice before state and the whole team was there! photo op!005 (2)

saturday: micah at spencer’s gaming truck birthday party. he was ridiculously excited about this.006 (2)

also saturday: state meet! final one for this year.2017-04-08

post meet hair is highly amusing.2017-04-081

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