Sunday, March 19, 2017

2017–week 11

there are a lot of pictures this week, and i’m still figuring out how all of these are going to go in the book. i’m thinking there will definitely be an insert.

sunday: another meet.005006007

monday: i made micah super happy when i brought home a poster of all of the presidents of the usa for him to hang in his bedroom. he’s busy memorizing names, dates, etc.009

also monday: pinewood derby weigh-in in our garage, plus trophy assembly station. this is what it’s like to be married to the race commissioner. 010

tuesday: you can’t really see her, but layla is somewhere in this crowd of 6th grade musicians. we had a crazy evening of gymnastics, followed by band concert, while micah was at batting practice. people were going everywhere and nobody ate until 8pm. 013

but the exciting part of all of this is that, now that layla got her kip, she was allowed to get bar grips. so, still attired in concert clothes, she’s trying them out.             014

wednesday: after much frustration of trying to make sure everyone knows where everyone else is supposed to be and when, i resorted to the giant, color-coded calendar on the wall. 017

thursday: final pinewood weigh-in is tomorrow, so it was time to get micah’s car assembled. and this happened… some wood glue, a clamp, and a good paint job saved the day. but needless to say, this situation caused quite a bit of drama for micah, who had his heart set on winning the “best hot rod” category on sunday.


friday: this is the extent of my st. patrick’s day celebrating. i wore green, too.022

saturday: 7 am. yup, this is where we are. and why wouldn’t we be, considering we were there at 11 hours earlier.023

also saturday: documenting the weird foot prop toe thing dave does. it totally creeps me out.031

getting micah’s uniform ready for sunday’s meeting… yeah, those buttons have been off for over a year.032

once again, i want to be this cat.


after reading “officer buckle and gloria”, micah reminded me on my way out the door to lindsey’s of a very important safety tip: never stand on a swivel chair. it was so random that when i saw that lindsey had a swivel chair, i had to get a picture of me standing on it! LOL. 034

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