Sunday, March 5, 2017

2017 - week 9

sunday: more snow to start the week!003
also sunday: after church, it was straight to snowman building. apparently we now put the face on the head before assembling the actual snowman. i found this a little disturbing.004
ah, yes. the snowman is actually assembled. he’s so cute. love the pose.005
monday: the start of my commute. i was happy to discover that our new van handles decently in the snow and i didn’t go careening down the hill into the fence at the bottom.006
also monday: after school antics. apparently it’s all fair game to push people off of giant snowballs. rules are different in the snow.
wednesday: after seeing a dental specialist for layla’s jaw pain, she’s been put on a restricted diet… nothing chewy, sticky, or crunchy. found these decent looking (not fake) instant mashed potatoes at costco, and i’m hoping she likes them.011
thursday: my march calendar is starting to scare me with all the baseball practices put in now. i’m sure it’ll get worse.015
friday: layla has been using heat packs (rice in socks) on her sore jaw. tonight, after gymnastics, her neck was also sore AND she was hungry… this is how we managed to get the socks to stay put so she could eat.001
saturday: got my frames and now the kids’ chore boards are all set up! 002

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