Sunday, March 26, 2017

2017–week 12

sunday: pinewood derby day! Dave and his committee pulled off a great event. micah’s car turned out not to be very fast, but he did win the “best hot rod” award that the scouts vote on. that was the one he was going for, so he was happy with that. layla and dave both made cars for the charity race. layla’s was meant to be a bobsled. 2017-04-084

at the community center, a gal from interstate batteries had one of their race cars there for the boys to have their picture take in. 036

and then there was the after party. we didn’t mean to have a party. it just sort of happened. the weather was super nice, and it all started with eric and martin showing up to help dave unload stuff, which he was already done unloading. except they brought beer. and then andrea came, and martin called his wife, so they came, and then layla went and got her friend and her friend’s brothers and parents from down the street (also scouts), we had a few more including my dad show up and it was a party! it was definitely not warm, so a fire was in order, and eric decided we needed it to be a BIG one, so he brought over a wheelbarrow full of pallets!2017-04-085

tuesday: shane, sitting in a camp chair for some reason, was helping micah with his times tables.048

friday: last practice before state and the whole team was there! photo op!005 (2)

saturday: micah at spencer’s gaming truck birthday party. he was ridiculously excited about this.006 (2)

also saturday: state meet! final one for this year.2017-04-08

post meet hair is highly amusing.2017-04-081

Sunday, March 19, 2017

2017–week 11

there are a lot of pictures this week, and i’m still figuring out how all of these are going to go in the book. i’m thinking there will definitely be an insert.

sunday: another meet.005006007

monday: i made micah super happy when i brought home a poster of all of the presidents of the usa for him to hang in his bedroom. he’s busy memorizing names, dates, etc.009

also monday: pinewood derby weigh-in in our garage, plus trophy assembly station. this is what it’s like to be married to the race commissioner. 010

tuesday: you can’t really see her, but layla is somewhere in this crowd of 6th grade musicians. we had a crazy evening of gymnastics, followed by band concert, while micah was at batting practice. people were going everywhere and nobody ate until 8pm. 013

but the exciting part of all of this is that, now that layla got her kip, she was allowed to get bar grips. so, still attired in concert clothes, she’s trying them out.             014

wednesday: after much frustration of trying to make sure everyone knows where everyone else is supposed to be and when, i resorted to the giant, color-coded calendar on the wall. 017

thursday: final pinewood weigh-in is tomorrow, so it was time to get micah’s car assembled. and this happened… some wood glue, a clamp, and a good paint job saved the day. but needless to say, this situation caused quite a bit of drama for micah, who had his heart set on winning the “best hot rod” category on sunday.


friday: this is the extent of my st. patrick’s day celebrating. i wore green, too.022

saturday: 7 am. yup, this is where we are. and why wouldn’t we be, considering we were there at 11 hours earlier.023

also saturday: documenting the weird foot prop toe thing dave does. it totally creeps me out.031

getting micah’s uniform ready for sunday’s meeting… yeah, those buttons have been off for over a year.032

once again, i want to be this cat.


after reading “officer buckle and gloria”, micah reminded me on my way out the door to lindsey’s of a very important safety tip: never stand on a swivel chair. it was so random that when i saw that lindsey had a swivel chair, i had to get a picture of me standing on it! LOL. 034

Sunday, March 12, 2017

2017–week 10

sunday: another meet. no brynley, so layla is the next shortest and got to carry the team sign for march in.003

monday: our inflexible gymnast is working on her splits. getting closer on her good leg.004

not so much on the bad leg.005

tuesday: spring is so late this year, this is my first crocus sighting!006

friday: can’t tell from this pic, but layla got her kip tonight!014

saturday: date night! dave and i had a delicious dinner at purple.003

also saturday: apparently this is what “go get ready for bed” means to micah.004

Sunday, March 5, 2017

2017 - week 9

sunday: more snow to start the week!003
also sunday: after church, it was straight to snowman building. apparently we now put the face on the head before assembling the actual snowman. i found this a little disturbing.004
ah, yes. the snowman is actually assembled. he’s so cute. love the pose.005
monday: the start of my commute. i was happy to discover that our new van handles decently in the snow and i didn’t go careening down the hill into the fence at the bottom.006
also monday: after school antics. apparently it’s all fair game to push people off of giant snowballs. rules are different in the snow.
wednesday: after seeing a dental specialist for layla’s jaw pain, she’s been put on a restricted diet… nothing chewy, sticky, or crunchy. found these decent looking (not fake) instant mashed potatoes at costco, and i’m hoping she likes them.011
thursday: my march calendar is starting to scare me with all the baseball practices put in now. i’m sure it’ll get worse.015
friday: layla has been using heat packs (rice in socks) on her sore jaw. tonight, after gymnastics, her neck was also sore AND she was hungry… this is how we managed to get the socks to stay put so she could eat.001
saturday: got my frames and now the kids’ chore boards are all set up! 002

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Paper. Snow. a Ghost!!!

so, about 2 weeks ago, the time came that we needed to say good bye to old blue…

she was coming down with something, and i’m pretty sure it was terminal. basically, she was old. she was dented. she smelled funny. and she was starting to demand a lot of money in order to keep running. with a quickly approaching 1600 mile road trip, we decided it was time to pull the plug.029

old blue served us well. she was our main squeeze for almost 11 years. she was 3 years old when we bought her, with roughly 40k miles or so. her odometer read 217k when we said goodbye. that’s a lot of miles. countless trips to california, 2 and a half weeks through the midwest a couple summers ago, school drop offs, carpools, soccer practices, baseball practices, ballet, gymnastics, track meets, playgroups, scout meetings, work, church, doctors appointments, urgent care, ER, date nights, weddings, funerals, drive-thrus, and all those things that have made up our lives for the last 11 years. she brought a newborn micah home safely, took two dogs to the vet for the last time, carried thousands of grocery bags, has parked outside of 3 of our homes, and truly, has been beat all to heck.

there were scratches on her front bumper from scraping against the rocks on the side of angie’s driveway, when i was parked in at a playgroup and attempted to get out to no avail. there’s a dent in the fender on that same side where my dad once backed his car into me, and didn’t realize he’d done any damage until i tried to leave and couldn’t open the passenger door. there are dents, scrapes, and rust where dave backed into his aunt and uncle’s mailbox (the tail light got replaced for that one). there are scratches at “handlebar level” on both sides from shane repeatedly riding his bike between our two cars, even though he’d been told not to. there was white paint over the rear wheel where i got a little to cozy with a pillar in the parking garage at lakeshore. and then there’s the inside… i don’t even want to begin to tally all the disgusting things that have been spilled inside this vehicle. most notable are the box of crayons that shane left in a cupholder on a warm day, which then melted and “sloshed” when we opened the slider, not knowing there was half a cup of molten crayon wax sitting there, and the ice cream from sonic that layla fell asleep while eating, and then dumped all over the floor. in the summer. in california. it never smelled the same in there after that…030

but really, there’s not a lot to complain about. she only ever left me stranded on the side of the road once.

but, it was time for something new. after toying with the idea of graduating from being a minivan family and looking into some full- and mid-size SUVs (for the 4wd), we got pulled back in by the cargo space. you really can’t argue with that factor, and you can’t find it in an SUV unless you’re driving a suburban. and so we found ourselves another 3 year old van with roughly 40k miles on it. we’re hoping this one will last for the next 11 years. 031

due to her “things that are white” color, we’ve taken to calling her Paper. Snow. a Ghost!! (friends reference), and we LOVE her!!! automatic doors, people!!!! back up camera! stow n go! i have seriously spent the last 11 years living in the dark ages. it was like rubbing sticks together to make a fire, and now i have an aim & flame!032

it’s interesting to think about driving this van for 11 years. she’s already taken us to california and back once, and will, no doubt, make that trip many more times. she’s been to baseball and gymnastics, work and church, hauled groceries and library books. we’ll see where else she takes us.

in 11 years, i could be driving around grandbabies!!!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

attempts and frustrations

happy, happy news! my genius IT hero husband sorted it all out for me, found a new venue from which to write my posts that interfaces properly with blogger after some tweaking. I am back in business!!!
***end edit***

i'm going to attempt to get back to doing weekly posts, like I always used to. i'm still trying to find a good posting option, though. windows live writer, which I always used to use for all my posts (and loved), apparently no longer exists. posting directly within blogger is fine, so long as you have no pictures. add a picture and you will be hating life with the fire of many suns. this is my situation right now. and until someone gets off their butt and makes an update for the app, it is useless to me, as it just crashes every time you use it. SO, I will attempt to post, but no promises, since I nearly threw my computer out the window attempting to create the post I just published from last week.


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