Sunday, February 26, 2017

2017–week 8

sunday: random cousin fun. gramma laurie had glow sticks. the girls were using them as bun accessories.045
also sunday: Christie's bum foot in its gigantic boot.046
Monday: on our way out of sacramento, the railroad tracks barely above the flooding.047
Tuesday: back home and enjoying my morning coffee in my souvenir black bear diner mug.048
Wednesday: my dad is cleaning out his garage and bringing me boxes to go through... this one had easter grass. I wanted to scream. I hate easter grass. hate it hate it hate it.049
Thursday: Layla has been having some jaw pain, but Thursday was bad. she called me from school in so much pain she was almost in tears. we got in to see the dentist in the afternoon, and she referred us to a specialist we will see next week. could be molars, could be arthritis, we shall see. 052
also Thursday: neighbors are out of town which means some pet-sitting. Bonez gets to accompany me to visit Gretzkie. happy pups.054
Friday: I have been trying to come up with the best (least ugly), functional method of keeping track of the kids' chores. came up with this. They will go in frames on the wall to be marked off.001
Saturday: Micah is learning checkers strategy.002

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