Sunday, February 12, 2017

2017–week 6

sunday: so it begins… that fun evening game where you’re keeping one eye out the window at the falling snow, and the other eye on your phone, bouncing back and forth between the forecast and the news source for school closures that may have been already announced. i may or may not have yelped in glee and thrown my phone in the air when i refreshed it for the millionth time and saw BELLEVUE listed as closed! no work for me!IMG_2813IMG_2812

monday: most of these will go into a separate “snow day” insert in the book. school was cancelled for pretty much the entire western half of the state, so much fun was had, playing in the snow.

i took a picture of shane taking a picture of his measurements of snow on the fence. lol.IMG_2815

a “new and improved” way to do dog sledding… i think they’re both confused.IMG_2817

layla seemed to think this was the best way to get micah across the ditch full of frigid water…IMG_2826

somehow, he made it, and then they decided it would be a good idea to jump it. i’m pleased to report that no one fell in.IMG_2829

happy, happy husky.IMG_2832

this time layla is the one mushing.IMG_2833

at some point that morning, we wound up with most of the neighborhood in our yard, so i mommed them all and made hot chocolate.IMG_2836IMG_2837

how shane and grant “played” in the snow… they went up the road to test out their 4wd and do donuts and all that obnoxious stuff that big boys with big toys do in the snow… and then grant got stuck in the ditch in front of our house and shane had to tow him out… again.IMG_2844

also monday: since layla inherited daddy’s lack of flexibility, he gets to help her stretch. IMG_2841

tuesday: never thought i’d see this! a snow plow on our dead end road! IMG_2843

also tuesday: silly dog.IMG_2848

wednesday: funny texts from layla. can’t even blame autocorrect.IMG_2867

thursday: 3rd grade music concert.004

saturday: the creation of the swedish fish aquarium cups as prizes for tomorrows “fish pong” carnival game for the blue and gold banquet. 001

also saturday: another meet, this time hosted by our gym. layla’s team took second.020

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