Sunday, February 5, 2017

2017–week 5

sunday: another meet. layla’s team took 3rd.IMG_2770

also sunday: micah’s cub scout den at the police department.IMG_2778

and attempting to get out of a jail cell.IMG_2774

monday: shane is taking a cooking class this semester, and one of his assignments was to cook dinner. he made us homemade mac&cheese with peas and carrots. it was good! then he made some muffins that were not so good. and he learned that there is a difference between baking soda and baking powderIMG_2791

bonez being particularly helpful… pretty sure something was dropped.IMG_2789

wednesday: layla came home from school all excited that she had learned to play la bamba on the flute.IMG_2802

also wednesday: business expo at the school. as a project for language arts, the kids had to create a business proposal, logo, brochures, and a model of their business. then they had to present them to families at the school that evening. big surprise, layla’s was a gym.IMG_2803IMG_2804

thursday: trying out the game Farkle, that gramma laurie gave us for christmas. we found it to be very fun!IMG_2806

also thursday: after shane’s JROTC promotion ceremony.IMG_2808

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