Sunday, January 29, 2017

2017–week 4

Monday: we were participating in national lutheran schools week at preschool, and monday was pajama day!IMG_2678

tuesday: toby, being toby.IMG_2680

also tuesday: layla spent all of her birthday and christmas money buying herself a tumbling mat to practice gymnastics at home. it arrived today and she was so excited! IMG_2684

saturday: i found it amusing how toby was sitting with shane… kind of a consoling, pat-on-the-shoulder pose. like, “it’s okay, man. you’re a good guy.”IMG_2749

saturday: very exciting! some of layla’s gymnastics team went to see the UW vs. Utah meet, and got to participate in a workshop with the gymnasts and coaches afterward.IMG_2753

go huskies!IMG_2750

q&a with UW gymnasts afterward. the workshop itself wound up being a little bit lame and disorganized, without a lot of actual gymnastics or coaching, but meeting the gymnasts, the coaches, and using their equipment was pretty cool.IMG_2755

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