Sunday, January 22, 2017

2017–week 3

sunday: better late than never. we FINALLY got out to celebrate dave’s birthday after two weeks of postponing it because one or more people were sick. dinner at varlamos.IMG_2551IMG_2554

teaching grandpa to dab…IMG_2557IMG_2559IMG_2556  IMG_2562

monday: no school for MLK day, so the kids and i did a costco run. layla was determined to heave the huge bag of dog food into the cart without assistance. it was quite amusing. and time consuming.IMG_2564

thursday: not entirely sure what sparked this situation. there was some styrofoam that micah got ahold and of and decided to do some sort of science experiment. it apparently involved a small container of water, two buttons, a toy helicopter, and an orange… it seems the plan was to attempt to cause the buttons to rise out of the water by using the blades of the helicopter as a fan… and the orange, it turns out, was just for a snack. i’ll go ahead and ease the suspense. it didn’t work. IMG_2582

friday: another meet for layla, this time in vancouver. we got to play hooky for this one (everyone but shane), and drove down in the morning, picked up aunt marilynne, and headed to the event center for the meet. IMG_2588

after, we met the portland cousins at the spaghetti factory for dinner. it was a lot of fun, and great to see them. layla got a fancy drink called a cotton candy lemonade, or something like that, and it showed up looking like something out of a dr. seuss book. there was also a balloon man, and he made micah a pikachu.IMG_2627 IMG_2631

the whole crew posing in the fancy spaghetti factory foyer.IMG_2634

saturday: toby seriously licked shane’s hand for about 15 minutes. he apparently needed a through bathing.IMG_2645

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