Monday, November 21, 2016

meal plan monday

I've got this nifty new/old thing going on with my meal plans. I was seriously lacking in motivation in that department, so I decided to consolidate all of my go-to meals in one place where I can cycle though them in a somewhat orderly fashion so we don't get sick of stuff or neglect to have stuff we really like, but forgot about. so now I have all of my meals on 3x5 cards, along with a list of major ingredients I need for them and what I generally serve them with. I hole punched the corner of the cards and put them on a binder ring. I am also back to keeping the blank calendar page on the fridge and writing out my plans on that. so far, it's working well, and I feel much less overwhelmed by it all. I hate cooking and shopping much less when I have a coherent plan.
  • Monday: fried chicken; oven fries; salad
  • Tuesday: pizza; green beans
  • Wednesday: taco casserole
  • Thursday: thanksgiving dinner
  • Friday: turkey rerun (how the smallbecks refer to leftover thanksgiving dinner)
  • Saturday: big snausages; corn; salad (big snausages = Italian sausages from Costco)
  • sunday: pancakes; sausage links

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