Thursday, July 14, 2016

Shane's 17th

Right on the heels of Layla's 11th, Shane turned 17 on Tuesday. Back-to-back birthdays are no joke.

The birthday boy had to work all day, so we met up in the evening at Olive Garden for his choice of dinner. Somewhat predictably, he ordered the fettuccine Alfredo, this time with sausage. (I had the chicken parm, also predictably.)

Even though everyone was stuffed, they brought him a slice of cheesecake (which then went into a box) and we all sang.

Then we reconvened at home for gifts. 

Traditional t-shirts from layla.

A water thermos from Micah. Working construction in the summer, this is a good thing. (And a pack of Swedish fish, to make up for the ones he gave him last year, and then ate.)

Cards and money.

And then the "texted gift".

It was a picture of a truck and some speakers. We are helping him upgrade the stereo in his truck.

And then we stuck 17 candles into a tub of Papa Murphy's cookie dough and sang again. 

We were all still stuffed, so no one ate more than a spoonful.

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