Friday, July 22, 2016


When I got up this morning, I needed coffee. Like I do every morning. This is not unusual. My coffee cup was in the dishwasher. This, also, is not unusual. However, when I opened the door to get my cup, I found this:
In case you didn't figure it out, this is unusual.

It seems that the part that holds the upper sprayer arm onto the top rack is broken. We can get a new one and fix it. Happy/sad that we don't need a new dishwasher. In the mean time, hand washing dishes. Yay! 💃💃💃

Later in the morning, layla announced that she was going to finish off her birthday box of lucky charms. (If you don't know the deal with that, every birthday, I let my kids choose whatever birthday breakfast they want. Sometimes it's donuts or cinnamon rolls, usually it's some box of sugar freak cereal that I won't otherwise buy.) Micah got mad about this, since he's a whiny little brother and is bitter that she isn't required to share this box. At any rate, this happened, when in a fit of jealous rage, he attempted to steal a marshmallow charm from her bowl. 
With my lightning-quick reflexes, I called off the dog, who recognizes the sound of food hitting the floor, even in his mid-morning coma, and shoved him outside. I then told Micah to pick it up. Yes, all of it, and put it back in the bowl. 

She had to pick a few dog hairs out of it, but my floors are pretty clean, and yes, she ate it.

Judge if you must. 

And then there is this:
Sometime in the spring, Micah went to a birthday party at a bowling alley. My wonderful husband won him this ridiculous, cheapo bunny from a claw game. I hate those stupid, money sucking tanks of disappointment with ever fiber of my being. For 2 reasons: 1) you will probably lose. You just wasted a dollar on a gambling scheme that has all the odds stacked against you. 2) you might win. And if you win, you inevitably walk away, not with the stuffed animal you really wanted, no, that one was strategically buried between the purple frog and the dilapidated knock-off Olaf. You win the easy-to-get white bunny that the person before you grabbed and dropped at the last soul-crushing minute. 

Sadly, my husband is freakishly gifted at playing claw games. 😡

Micah got the bunny. 

The next day, its arm fell off. And he was devastated. 

And I have had to face his sad, heartbroken eyes at least twice a week ever since, and have promised to fix it. I just never said when...

Today, I was putting off something else I am supposed to be doing, so it seemed like the perfect time to tackle this job. 

It was heinous. Stitching that stupid thing on from the outside was every bit as awful as I'd built up in my head it would be. Two different times, my thread broke and I had to restart. 

But it's on. And we will just pretend we don't notice that one arm is obviously longer than the other, and the really bad stitch job shows. 

And if that sucker comes off again, it's the safety pin treatment. 

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