Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Layla's 11th birthday

So layla had her golden birthday on Monday. Since dave and Shane were at work all day, and Micah was at scout camp, we had a fun girls day. 

But first, the last day to be 10 picture the night before.

First stop was 7-11 for free Slurpees.

Then pedicures. Love the traffic cone orange she chose.

Tradition dictates that the next stop was for lunch at Red Robin.

Then to the theater to see The Secret Life of Pets, which she enjoyed, and I thought was just ok.

For dinner, she chose ribs, mashed potatoes, and broccoli (with a lemon wedge). Yum.

A Harry Potter case for her iPod. (It is meant to look like the Marauders Map.)
More money.
And, since our gift to her is a bedroom makeover, Micah got her some lantern lights,
And Shane got her a full-length mirror for her closet door.

And then it was time for cake. Donut cake, that is.  

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