Saturday, July 16, 2016

It matters!!!

Somehow, I have spawned a child who does not innately understand the importance of folding towels in a neat, orderly, and always-the-same methodical fashion. 

Today, I asked layla to help me out by folding a pile of towels. I have always folded on the half, half again (parallel to the first half, not perpendicular), and then a final half again (this time perpendicular). Layla started to fold them differently (I won't say "wrong", although it was), so I corrected her and demonstrated how I wanted it done. 

At that point, she asked the question.
"Why does it matter if they're folded the same?"



"But why?"

"So they will stack neatly in the linen closet!"

"I still don't see why it matters. It's not like you're going to have guests that will be looking into your linen closet to see if your towels are folded the same."

"It's important for my sanity, okay?"

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