Monday, May 4, 2015

project life–week 18

the three amigos… this trio of the neighbors’ poultry is always in my parents’ yard. and spark way too many “why did the chicken cross the road” jokes.124

these are the two lilacs I gave my mom for mother’s day two years ago. last year, only one bloomed. looks like this year, both will have some nice flowers!2015-10-035

when I get to the bottom of a bag of chips and they’re too small to effectively scoop up salsa, I just dump them in a bowl, pour salsa over them, and eat the whole delicious mess with a spoon. not ashamed.135

dave got himself a new set of bike tools. everyone had to check it out.139

first grade music concert. micah had a solo!171

saturday baseball fun. pitching, homerun derby, bouncy houses, dunk the coach…2015-10-037

and of course, eating kettle corn and horsing around.2015-10-038

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