Monday, March 30, 2015

project life 2015–week 13

sunday: the bug. woohoo! my parents bought this from my mom’s cousin. it’s a ‘67 and is in awesome shape. the paint isn’t perfect, but OMG, pretty darn close. the interior is amazing, it runs great… wowza!!! it’s a freaking dream-come-true for this bug-loving gal!164

monday: it’s teacher appreciation week at preschool!!! I got delivered a grande, 2 pump. hazelnut latte to my classroom by one of my awesome parents and 2 of my kids – all before school started! LOVE!176

tuesday: and teacher appreciation week continues! this time it was flowers. each kid brought in a flower and one of the moms put them all together in this beautiful display! LOVE! (the rest of the week continued in this fashion… chocolate on wednesday, pictures or cards on thursday, and an amazing scrapbook put together of interviews from the kids!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!)


wednesday: I have never been a bracelet girl. usually, bracelets are too big for me and I can’t handle things flopping around on my arms. BUT, I am loving these interchangeable O2 bracelet pieces I just got. this is the silver leather wrap bracelet, the medium wrap locket base, the medium enamel twist face in mint, rose gold LOVE expressions frame, and rose gold link bracelet. a couple of swarovski hex crystals and the gold star charms, plus a medium “love” plate that was part of the jan-march hostess exclusive.007

thursday: I really don’t know what to say about this… my kids are obsessed with their little stuffed dogs and spend a lot of time setting up various scenarios with them. I usually stumble upon them sometime later… apparently this time, they’re playing foosball?013

friday: as my business has grown, so has my collection of O2 jewelry… the ongoing struggle to figure out how to store it all, have it accessible to easily whisk away to a jewelry bar, have it easy to grab and wear, and safely stored away from hairspray, perfume, air, and any other random bad stuff floating around my bathroom. 033

also friday: bad dog is a graduate! bonez got a gigantic cookie and a certificate to prove that he’s passed basic training. does this mean he will refrain from eating the neighbors’ chickens if given the opportunity? probably not.063

one extra:

my pantry was a DISASTER!!! I came home from costco and had a bunch of stuff to put away. I just couldn’t do it. so instead, I spent an hour organizing and cleaning (at least) half of it and THEN put my costco stuff away. it’s like a big ole sigh of relief.


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