Monday, March 9, 2015

project life 2015–week 10

sunday: on sunday mornings, we always have cinnamon rolls… and beer. (just kidding. dave left the bottle on the table the night before… it happened to be sitting at micah’s spot, and I found the situation hilarious. that’s all. I swear! don’t call CPS!)220

monday: walked in to find my husband doing this… it seems he takes his ‘clash of clans’ quite seriously…228

tuesday: yay, baseball! spring training games have started!!!007

thursday: 4th grade music class concert. layla had a solo in one of the songs and totally nailed it. 023

friday: dog training. look at bonez, sitting like a good dog. 044

saturday: epic lawn dethatching project. given that we live in the pacific northwest, it rains a lot. and so we have big trees and moss. lots and lots of moss. and so dave took advantage of this totally gorgeous day and rented a dethatcher from home depot and spent the day doing this.045

also saturday: my aunt and cousins came up to visit my mom. we had good times chatting, having dinner, and all that. lynne brought some crafting stuff to work on with my kids. exciting!049

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