Monday, March 30, 2015

project life 2015–week 13

sunday: the bug. woohoo! my parents bought this from my mom’s cousin. it’s a ‘67 and is in awesome shape. the paint isn’t perfect, but OMG, pretty darn close. the interior is amazing, it runs great… wowza!!! it’s a freaking dream-come-true for this bug-loving gal!164

monday: it’s teacher appreciation week at preschool!!! I got delivered a grande, 2 pump. hazelnut latte to my classroom by one of my awesome parents and 2 of my kids – all before school started! LOVE!176

tuesday: and teacher appreciation week continues! this time it was flowers. each kid brought in a flower and one of the moms put them all together in this beautiful display! LOVE! (the rest of the week continued in this fashion… chocolate on wednesday, pictures or cards on thursday, and an amazing scrapbook put together of interviews from the kids!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!)


wednesday: I have never been a bracelet girl. usually, bracelets are too big for me and I can’t handle things flopping around on my arms. BUT, I am loving these interchangeable O2 bracelet pieces I just got. this is the silver leather wrap bracelet, the medium wrap locket base, the medium enamel twist face in mint, rose gold LOVE expressions frame, and rose gold link bracelet. a couple of swarovski hex crystals and the gold star charms, plus a medium “love” plate that was part of the jan-march hostess exclusive.007

thursday: I really don’t know what to say about this… my kids are obsessed with their little stuffed dogs and spend a lot of time setting up various scenarios with them. I usually stumble upon them sometime later… apparently this time, they’re playing foosball?013

friday: as my business has grown, so has my collection of O2 jewelry… the ongoing struggle to figure out how to store it all, have it accessible to easily whisk away to a jewelry bar, have it easy to grab and wear, and safely stored away from hairspray, perfume, air, and any other random bad stuff floating around my bathroom. 033

also friday: bad dog is a graduate! bonez got a gigantic cookie and a certificate to prove that he’s passed basic training. does this mean he will refrain from eating the neighbors’ chickens if given the opportunity? probably not.063

one extra:

my pantry was a DISASTER!!! I came home from costco and had a bunch of stuff to put away. I just couldn’t do it. so instead, I spent an hour organizing and cleaning (at least) half of it and THEN put my costco stuff away. it’s like a big ole sigh of relief.


Monday, March 23, 2015

project life 2015–week 12

monday: this is what our street looks like right now. I honestly have no idea what they are doing out there.2015-03-232

tuesday: YES!!! my spring catalogs finally arrived!!! so. much. awesome. stuff…!105

wednesday: bonez in the front yard? yes! meeting the kids when they get off the bus? yes!! running around like a happy dog? yes!!! thanks, invisible fence!2015-03-239

thursday: micah got to take a free trial of a gymnastics class. he was so excited to get to jump into the foam pit! he wants to sign up for classes, but I told him he had to wait until baseball season is over.2015-03-233

also thursday: just a few things layla is working on… like being eaten by pacman.2015-03-234

friday: lutherwood!!! this was micah’s first year to be old enough to go, so dave got to be the chaperone! both kids had a blast. dave? I think he had fun. camp is kind of his thing. ;)2015-03-236


I’m not entirely sure how all this is going to shake out, but they’ll go in the book somewhere…

  • micah, watching the work going on out front.
  • apparently, “go do your homework” translates directly to “eat a pancake right out of the fridge”. who knew?
  • this little creation is apparently a “potato leprechaun mario”… I had other thoughts.
  • happy x2 is O2 boxes in my mailbox!!
  • my dad and his feisty kitty, beatrice.

103 117120 159170

Monday, March 16, 2015

project life 2015–week 11

sunday: apparently this is how the princess sleeps…050

also sunday: day two of epic dethatching project… we have raked up most of the moss into rows or piles. bonez thinks they’re comfy.051

tuesday: layla has mastered the cartwheel! 2015-03-23

thursday: check out this glorious spring tree! no, it’s not mine. wish it were, though.100

friday: this was an awesome day. 1) no preschool for conferences. 2) all of my parents scheduled their conferences on thursday. 3) all of my kids DID have school. 4) I got to meet up with some friends I never get to see anymore and took a decent walk on the trail. 5) I got coffee. 6) I got my nails redone (thanks, origami owl, for the extra cash!) with a little pot ‘o’ gold theme. 7) I went thrift shopping! 069

saturday: layla is sporting the layered necklace look… premier designs, origami owl, and goodie bag trinket! 072

also saturday: gotta love a good rope battle. (and when I can sneak a picture of shane into the book!)073

Monday, March 9, 2015

project life 2015–week 10

sunday: on sunday mornings, we always have cinnamon rolls… and beer. (just kidding. dave left the bottle on the table the night before… it happened to be sitting at micah’s spot, and I found the situation hilarious. that’s all. I swear! don’t call CPS!)220

monday: walked in to find my husband doing this… it seems he takes his ‘clash of clans’ quite seriously…228

tuesday: yay, baseball! spring training games have started!!!007

thursday: 4th grade music class concert. layla had a solo in one of the songs and totally nailed it. 023

friday: dog training. look at bonez, sitting like a good dog. 044

saturday: epic lawn dethatching project. given that we live in the pacific northwest, it rains a lot. and so we have big trees and moss. lots and lots of moss. and so dave took advantage of this totally gorgeous day and rented a dethatcher from home depot and spent the day doing this.045

also saturday: my aunt and cousins came up to visit my mom. we had good times chatting, having dinner, and all that. lynne brought some crafting stuff to work on with my kids. exciting!049

Monday, March 2, 2015

project life 2015–week 9

sunday (or so): dave took layla out for a ride on her new bike! gotta get ready for her obliteride ride in august! 25 miles!189

monday: well, it looks like things are going downhill for my mom. on sunday, she lost all the strength in her legs. so she’s pretty much bed-ridden at this point, and winding down. still cutting away obsessively at flannel board figures, paper dolls, and any laminating I will give her. but she gets confused. meds and liver enzymes in her system affect her ability to think and perceive things clearly. so I will be visiting a lot. to help out my dad in caring for her, and just to spend time.183

tuesday: 4th and 5th grade choir concert.188

wednesday: bonez doesn’t always want to play, but every now and then he’ll bring you a toy to let you know he’s in the mood. 193

thursday: I’m sure this is an important skill… but to me, it just makes for a funny picture, and I’m all about that.205

friday: and this is why I need the LARGE utility tote! I carry so much stuff to and from work every day. it’s crazy.216

also friday: my sweet colleague, who doesn’t even work on fridays, brought me dinner. delivered it to my classroom fridge in the middle of the day. she knows it’s been a tough week, and this literally made me bawl. 217

and an extra:

this is why it’s not really a good use of money or time for preschool teachers to get manicures… 204


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