Monday, February 16, 2015

project life 2015–week 7

sunday: blue and gold banquet. micah getting his awards from the cubmaster.027

monday: woohoo! my hostess rewards order from my O2 party arrived! I am so in love with all of this! the black locket face with the black crystals, the heart window plate, the red stardust crystals, the mixed metal heart dangle, and the black toggle chain. IN. LOVE. 2015-04-06

wednesday: nothing like waiting until the last minute. the kids’ valentine exchanges are tomorrow (since there’s no school on friday), so we had to stop on the way to layla’s choir rehearsal to buy valentines. micah spent the hour writing them out in my classroom. (I may or may not have been writing out MY valentines for my kids at the same time…)011

also wednesday, but even later in the evening: and speaking of last minute… layla had to make a valentine box (and write out her valentines) to take to school. she’d had this grand plan to make it a soccer field, so, while she and I were writing her valentines, covering the box with green paper, choosing images to print and glue on, drawing lines with paint pen, and hot gluing a foosball onto the box, shane was making goals out of pipecleaners and a mesh fruit bag.012

thursday: each week, one child in micah’s class gets to bring home “fuzzy wuzzy”, the class bear. he comes in a backpack with various accessories and a journal. the kids get to spend the week with fuzzy wuzzy and write about their experiences. micah was IN LOVE with fuzzy wuzzy, and there were actual tears over the fact that he was going to have to return him. so we had to take a picture so he could remember him forever…014

friday: it’s here!!! it’s here!!!! my O2 designer kit arrived!!! (oh, did I mention, I decided I loved origami owl jewelry so much that I wanted to sell it??)030

saturday: happy valentine’s day!!! my amazing husband surprised me by orchestrating a romantic getaway to victoria for the weekend! 2015-02-283

and extras:

  • micah, with all his blue and gold banquet loot.
  • port-a-potties on a crane, suspended over downtown bellevue… something you don’t see every day.
  • my very optimistic (and delusional) to-do list that I made of everything I hope to accomplish next week. 030 034032

collage of the “opening the box” excitement!2015-02-28

and a collage of our trip though butchart gardens.2015-02-281

and another of our amazing valentine’s dinner, post-sunset walk around victoria, and horse-drawn carriage ride!2015-02-282

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