Monday, February 2, 2015

project life 2015–week 5

sunday: micah’s first pinewood derby! it was a lot of fun, and micah’s car, “bluestreak” came in 3rd in his den, which qualified him for the finals! he came out of it with 2 really cool trophies!063068069

monday: this dog… so pretty. but so much trouble, lately!!104

also monday: this cracks me up. if there is ever a guava shortage in the world, blame my mother. she may have a minor obsession.106

tuesday: evil sister photo bomb alert! micah lost a tooth, but layla was mad because she has a loose tooth, as well, and apparently there was some sort of “race” going on and he won.001

wednesday: lutheran nerds live here.002

thursday: phase 1 of the living/play/media room overhaul is done! we now have a projector and a 100 inch screen! because that is the best way to play mariokart…005


micah’s “dog rules”.


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