Monday, January 26, 2015

project life 2015–week 4

sunday: slave labor! layla is now in charge of the downstairs bathroom. yes.008

also sunday: getting my newest project life album set up and a few weeks in!!! after MUCH deliberation, indecision, and other such hemming and hawing, I walked into michaels and found a MIDNIGHT edition clearanced! SOLD! fortunately, midnight is one that I had been seriously considering, and, now that it’s out of the package and into the pages, I LOVE IT!!! I’m so excited for the rest of this year!010

monday: so, he may look cute and innocent, but this dog is a cold-blooded killer… of chickens that is. sunday afternoon was a less than pleasant experience. on saturday, we’d had a fair amount of wind. it had blown open our garden gate, but I forgot about that when I left to walk down the street to my parents’ house. bonez was in the yard when I left, but I didn’t think anything of it. until a half hour later when dave called me and asked if the dog was down there with me. no. panic. scattering to canvas the neighborhood. shane heard frantic chicken noises from the neighbor’s house across the street. uh oh. it was the scene of a massacre. 1 dead, 1 mortally wounded. feathers everywhere… there was cleanup, there was ‘finishing off’, there was humble apologies and exchange of a sum of money, there were plans discussed for rehoming, refencing, retraining… basically anything to appease the neighborhood.018

wednesday: so, slacker parents have owed layla a do-over birthday sleepover, to make up for the disastrous one that didn’t happen on her 9th birthday. so, 6 months later, she decided it was time for us to make good on that… and started leaving signs and notes all over for us to find and not be able to forget to arrange it. 2015-01-27


  • me: can I take your picture?
  • shane: why?
  • me: because we are 3 weeks into the new year and there are no pictures of you in the book.
  • shane: so?

this was the best I got as he was running away:036

friday: it happened! layla was able to have her sleepover re-do! and they made some fluffy, fuzzy pillows.058

saturday: this was dave’s company party at the hard rock café. there should be some pictures coming our way from the photographer.

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