Monday, January 26, 2015

project life 2015–week 4

sunday: slave labor! layla is now in charge of the downstairs bathroom. yes.008

also sunday: getting my newest project life album set up and a few weeks in!!! after MUCH deliberation, indecision, and other such hemming and hawing, I walked into michaels and found a MIDNIGHT edition clearanced! SOLD! fortunately, midnight is one that I had been seriously considering, and, now that it’s out of the package and into the pages, I LOVE IT!!! I’m so excited for the rest of this year!010

monday: so, he may look cute and innocent, but this dog is a cold-blooded killer… of chickens that is. sunday afternoon was a less than pleasant experience. on saturday, we’d had a fair amount of wind. it had blown open our garden gate, but I forgot about that when I left to walk down the street to my parents’ house. bonez was in the yard when I left, but I didn’t think anything of it. until a half hour later when dave called me and asked if the dog was down there with me. no. panic. scattering to canvas the neighborhood. shane heard frantic chicken noises from the neighbor’s house across the street. uh oh. it was the scene of a massacre. 1 dead, 1 mortally wounded. feathers everywhere… there was cleanup, there was ‘finishing off’, there was humble apologies and exchange of a sum of money, there were plans discussed for rehoming, refencing, retraining… basically anything to appease the neighborhood.018

wednesday: so, slacker parents have owed layla a do-over birthday sleepover, to make up for the disastrous one that didn’t happen on her 9th birthday. so, 6 months later, she decided it was time for us to make good on that… and started leaving signs and notes all over for us to find and not be able to forget to arrange it. 2015-01-27


  • me: can I take your picture?
  • shane: why?
  • me: because we are 3 weeks into the new year and there are no pictures of you in the book.
  • shane: so?

this was the best I got as he was running away:036

friday: it happened! layla was able to have her sleepover re-do! and they made some fluffy, fuzzy pillows.058

saturday: this was dave’s company party at the hard rock cafĂ©. there should be some pictures coming our way from the photographer.

Monday, January 19, 2015

project life 2015–week 3

sunday: found on the floor of layla’s closet… apparently ken is the next big thing to hit the 49ers roster.214

tuesday: ah yes, the return of the “reading room”… the distinction being that it is apparently NOT a fort, because moms get annoyed when the family room is constantly being overtaken by forts… but reading is important. and educational. so therefore, “reading rooms” should be tolerated and encouraged!240

even bonez is a fan of the reading room… doesn’t look like he’s doing a lot of reading, though…2015-01-162

wednesday: when cats sit like humans… the humans laugh and take pictures…246

thursday: found yoda’s head, I have. (this has been missing for at least 6 months… and randomly showed up on the floor of the laundry room.)270

friday: putting christmas stuff away is so much less fun than getting it out…001

saturday: dave and micah went to a pinewood derby car workshop at a fellow scout’s home. in addition to cutting his car, micah managed to fall out of a trampoline and land on his head.007

Monday, January 12, 2015

project life 2015–week 2

sunday: happy to be back home and have this hairy menace back!194

monday: layla and toby snuggled up to read one of the new books she got from gramma laurie for christmas.195

tuesday: micah wanted to bring his wallet to school for his “sharing” day. mean mom wouldn’t let him bring it with the money in it, so this was his solution.200

wednesday: it seems micah may have a small crush on his new student teacher.2015-01-16

friday: after missing wednesday and thursday of work with some weird intestinal bug, I got back to work on friday to find get well notes from my kids in my box. awww…


also friday: dave’s birthday present finally arrived!! classic will clark jersey!2015-01-161

saturday: I am in love with bankers boxes.I spent the day organizing all my preschool stuff and filling up boxes. I need another set of these!211

Monday, January 5, 2015

project life 2015–week 1 (sort of)

so, I say this is SORT OF week 1… it’s technically only thursday, friday, and saturday… not exactly an entire first week, but I wasn’t sure what else to do. week 0? at any rate, I call it week 1, you can call it whatever you want.

thursday: january 1. new years day. dave’s birthday.

waking up at the filippo’s tahoe cabin. pancakes and sausages for breakfast, packing up, driving down the road and just over the border into nevada so I can say I’ve been there, and then hitting the road to find some snow!127

we found some… not a lot, but enough to play in and even found a few small sledding hills. shane and gramma stayed in the car, but dave, layla, and micah did some sledding. I did some picture taking.130136137139 142

and we found charlie brown’s christmas tree!

and back home, we celebrated dave’s birthday by inviting a bunch of people over and making him cook! 143 146

friday: trip to the bay area. always fun to play with nana’s toys. layla had fun making the slinky do tricks and even managed to get it to go off the table, onto the pile of books, and then into it’s box!149

saturday: saying goodbye to gramma before hitting the road.153

dave and shane and papa’s truck, making the trip north.154

and the most awesome truck we just happened to pass on the way!192


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