Saturday, September 27, 2014

project life 2014: week 39

kind of slacking in the picture taking department, but this is what we have…

tuesday: a completely befuddling trip to the grocery store revealed that tillamook (my favorite cheese ever. EVER.) has CHANGED it’s label!!! This is NOT okay! I can’t believe they didn’t ask me!039

same trip. egg nog. september 23rd. 040

wednesday: while waiting for layla at choir practice, I busied myself with, what else, work. 047

thursday: happy fall! TJ’s has spiced cider in stock! hooray!050

friday: every day, this is micah’s face, plastered to the bus window when it brings him home. makes me smile.055

also friday: taking some silly selfies with my girl. 061

saturday: around here, apparently ping pong balls are just too small…090

and some extras: it seems “crocky” has seen the classroom vets. and teaching layla how to iron.

053    086 

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