Monday, September 22, 2014

project life 2014: week 38

sunday: dave and I observed the “heathen coffee hour” (while the kids were in sunday school) in honor of trudy’s birthday.

and, a lovely picture layla took, looking straight up while lying in the instabench at her soccer game that afternoon.

049    057

also sunday: it seems that micah is now a cub scout!061062

thursday?: attempting (unsuccessfully) to teach bonez how to use the treadmill. at least it was funny.045

friday: layla and micah finishing off the sunflower I had the kids working on in class this week. using tweezers to pull the seeds out is a great fine motor skill activity, and now we have lots of seeds to plant our own giant sunflowers next year.019023

saturday: I got to witness the wedding of my dear friend, brenda.025

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