Monday, September 1, 2014

project life 2014: week 35

sunday: after our overnight anniversary celebration, we had a leisurely morning, eventually ending up at a restaurant for some yummy breakfast.031

also sunday: layla had been working on this incredibly loose molar all day and determined that she was not going to go to sleep until she got it out. FINALLY.033

monday: and this is where I found micah in the morning. his bedding was still in the dryer when he went to bed, and he was going to sleep in a sleeping bag. apparently the sleeping bag slipped off the mattress, so this is where he ended up.


tuesday: my classroom ‘helpers’. layla made a merry-go-round for the animals that had music! Song selections were ‘the farmer in the dell’, ‘amazing grace’, ‘silent night’, and ‘the USC fight song’.2014-09-276

also tuesday: shane and micah brought home this box from a grill that lynn bought and shane put together. micah and layla decided to turn it into a dog house. thus far, the dog has zero interest in it.2014-09-277

thursday: drying paint smocks on the clothesline. yes, I bring work home with me.048

friday: killing time by eating donuts while shane is in driver’s ed.142

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