Monday, August 18, 2014

project life 2014: week 33

sunday: obliteride day! layla and micah participated in the kids ride this year, and then we waited for dave to finish.254269

monday: red neck waterslide! grant and shane helped me heave the big metal slide onto the dome climber, then we put the slip and slide at the end of it and ran the hose down the slide. it was awesome.273

also monday: we had an awesome thunderstorm that night!295297

tuesday: these are EVERYWHERE. I may need to ban otter pops. 315

wednesday: somebody is staring at me.320

friday: micah got in his head that he wanted shane to take him fishing. he would not let it go. he even drew shane a picture of the two of them fishing together. so shane finally complied. although fish could be seen in the lake, they didn’t manage to catch any. 331

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