Monday, August 11, 2014

project life 2014: week 32

I was a little bit camera happy this week… there will be an insert for all the extras.

sunday: seafair sunday!!!! we went to see the blue angels, and just like last time, layla hated it. yes, standing on the freeway with a bazillion other people in the scorching sun is hot, but we brought snacks and water and sunscreen and sunglasses and a blanket to sit on… and yet, even with the totally awesome air show going on, she pouted the WHOLE time. boo hiss.059

monday:the kids made a ‘nest’. complete with ‘eggs’. apparently bonez thought it looked like a good nest for a dog, and filled the role of mother bird. doesn’t he look maternal and nurturing?131

wednesday: shane was hanging out at susie and kevin’s, and when we went to pick him up, they wanted us to stay for a glass of wine… which turned into layla and micah wanting to swim… and shane and tony going paddleboarding… and nate photobombing this totally awesome picture of shane on the SUP with layla AND micah hitching a ride. I love this picture.177

thursday: found this in my closet… any guesses on who has been here?194

friday: poor kitty. the torment this cat puts up with…214

friday: obliteride kick-off party. 2014-09-2710

saturday: most beautiful girl in the world.219

and the 4 million extras:

070 072 069 079087 095099 127141 193197 210224 249252

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  1. Rach- you have inspired me. I too take a bazillion pics so I think I'm gonna start doing posts like this. It's a great way to capture the fun without having to spend hours and hours.

    PS...I love your heading- Confessions of a Flakey mom! lol



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